Information about Ravechurch 2023 - Embrace Your Sins


MFA Knillus, Sint Cornelisstraat 18, 5827 AJ Vortum-Mullem


22 september 2023

Opening hours

19.30 - 01.00


We apply a minimum age of 16 years. Checks are made and alcohol is only served to those over 18.


Sint Cornelisstraat 25, 5827 AJ Vortum-Mullem (7 min walk) & around to location in the designated spots with traffic signs. Please note: park only in the designated spots within the red lines. Is a car parked incorrectly? Then it will be removed!

Storing items

A guarded cloakroom will be available, where you can store your belongings for €2. There will be no lockers, so please keep large bags at home. At the wardrobe we work with a personal number that is attached to your stuff. You lost your number? It’s not our responsibility but afterwards we collect all the lost & found items.

Making purchases?

It is possible to buy earplugs and fans at Ravechurch. No cigarettes will be sold. A snack bar will be available outside the premises for various deep-fried snacks.

Zero tolerance

We adhere to the zero tolerance policy, which means that drugs are strictly prohibited. If this rule is not followed, you may be denied access.

Fairground attractions

Ravechurch's outdoor area will feature various attractions such as a shooting tent, punching bag and candy stall. For a small fee, you can use the amusements.